about us

About Us

Fractal Accounting is proud to administer comprehensive and well-organized services, providing clients with access to their accounting software and financial information online at any time from anywhere. All of our Fractal Accounting representatives strive to ensure that clients are afforded with the most extensive and efficient services, and we are pleased to offer these services at competitive prices.
Fractal Accounting is focused on providing exceptional strategic tax planning, corporate tax services and personal tax services to Canadian incorporated businesses and high net worth individuals. Canada has one of the highest tax rates in the world. Fractal Accounting assists Canadian-owned businesses and shareholders by providing strategic tax advice and tax preparation in Toronto area.

Our Foundation

The Foundation of Our Firm is Built on 5 Key Principles:
1- Trust: We take pride in successfully building long lasting relationships with our clients as a result of our honesty, dedication, and integrity.
2- Expertise: Experienced professionals with over 25 years of accounting practice enables us to exceed expectations in providing expert advice.
3- Ethical: Strict adherence to codes of confidentiality, conduct and morality throughout all levels of personnel in the company.
4- Productivity: Facilitating our clients in developing efficient tools necessary in today’s dynamic business environment.
5- Proactive: Expert advice provided while envisioning our clients long term goals.