Fractal Accounting provides a fully automated online  payroll services with the latest technology over the cloud. Our customized and cost effective solutions will provide a completely paperless, fast, and accurate payroll servicesto business owners, corporations and enterprises for an all inclusive package at a monthly fee.

To order, simply contact us and we will be happy to guide you through the entire process and provide a quote.
•    Weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly run for Salary and Hourly employees
•    Flexible payment option by Cheque or Direct Deposit
•    CRA calculations; EI, CPP, Federal and Provincial Tax
•    WSIB and EHT calculations
•    TD1 table for Federal and Province
•    Vacation pay; Accrual or Release
•    Customized Benefits and deductions
•    Pay stubs and employee self-serve portal access
•    T4s and T4 summary remittance
•    CRA and EHT electronic remittance
•    Records of employment electronic remittance